26 May 18

The new website is up, but still needs work which is ongoing.

But, so far, where are we?

We have the new company Frampton Community Projects Ltd.  This is the company which is Limited by Guarantee, so non-profit and the directors do not, and will not get paid any salary.  Bonuses, however may be applied in the future if the board agrees.

The application to the Charity Commission has also started, and the application for the new company bank account is in process.  So a pretty productive week as the company was formed on the 23rd May 2018.

We plan our first even under Frampton Electronics Club on the 9th June where we hope to bring in some more folks, and also introduce Frampton Community Projects to the village.  We should also have a meeting date booked for the presentation of the charity in July.

The next job is get the newsletter set up so folks can register for information on the charity.  That and the website should be a pretty full week.  Oh, and of course we looking for 1 – 2 acres of land to buy!

Shall update again next week.  Thanks for reading.