Frampton Community Projects is a limited company, by guarantee. This means we have no shareholders and all monies are reinvested into the projects it runs. These projects aim to benefit people of all ages in Frampton Cotterell, and its surroundings.

Frampton Community Projects is run by volunteers that have a flare for enterprise, community and creativity.  As a charity we aim to give people opportunities no matter their age, political or religious view. No matter their skin colour, background, or ability.

Our projects all have a familiar theme which are based on the following:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Cohesion

These three elements are what make any community productive, social, friendly, outward looking, and future ready.

Frampton Community Projects have a number of long term plans, which are based over five years.  The end result will be a purpose built multi-functional building which will house the following facilities:

  • Music Recording Studio
  • Television Broadcasting/Streaming Studio
  • Multi-Purpose Stage
  • Multi-Crafts Workshop
  • All purpose Hall
  • Small Business & Enterprise Suite
  • Conference Room Hire
  • Office Space Hire
  • Public Kitchen Area and Lounge

These facilities will be placed in a 17,600 sq-ft property, over two floors.  You will be able to see the plans from the moment it was thought up to the completed project, and all the areas in-between, as it journey on.

This website gives the history of how we started, and our journey from idea to the building.  These ideas came from two people, Andrew Walker and Martin Young.

If you would like to get involved in making this happen, check our get involved page at the top of the website.

Thank you for taking the time in reading about Frampton Community Projects Ltd.