FCPTV at the Frampton Festival 2018

On the 14th July 2018 FCPTV, which is part of Frampton Community Projects (none profit) held its first Live Streaming event from the Frampton Festival site.

This year included fair ground rides, circus, stalls, dog show and live bands.  With it being our first, and the first attempt for the Festival too, it had some teething issues.  Mostly folk were camera shy.  But it was a fabulous day and we managed to remain Live streaming for just under 5 hours.  We took on some live interviews and some pre-recorded interviews.  We also managed to get a chance to meet and listen to Jodie Mellor, who is a young and growing singer/songwriter.

Overall the day was a huge success and we are looking forward to the next live event.  We are just waiting for the final OK from the edited version, and then you can see our day on YouTube.  You can check out our channel here FCPTV on YouTube.

Beesmoor Road Fun Day, Frampton Cotterell

Beesmoor Road Playing Field will be holding a village picnic, fun day, and Dog show on Sunday 10th June.

You will find plenty of things to do there with stalls, bouncy castle and more, for all the family.  You will also see us there as part of Frampton Electronics Club, and our first introduction to Frampton Community Projects Charitable Organisation.

Feel free to drop by the playing field, and support the local village.  And of course our stall for a few games!

The Beginning

We are happy to announce the aim to build a multi-purpose media studio and enterprise suite.

The current proposed building will be 17,600 sq-ft over two floors and will house the following facilities to the public of Frampton Cotterell and beyond.

  • Music Recording Studio
  • Television Broadcasting/Streaming Studio
  • Multi-Purpose Stage
  • Multi-Crafts Workshop
  • All purpose Hall
  • Small Business & Enterprise Suite
  • Conference Room Hire
  • Office Space Hire
  • Public Kitchen Area and Lounge

Plans are currently being drawn up, but here is the first idea of the layout:

This would be the ground floor, and not currently to scale:

This would be the first floor, again not to scale:

Once the first phase plans are drawn they will be published on this site.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please do get involved, and in touch using our Contact page.


26 May 18

The new website is up, but still needs work which is ongoing.

But, so far, where are we?

We have the new company Frampton Community Projects Ltd.  This is the company which is Limited by Guarantee, so non-profit and the directors do not, and will not get paid any salary.  Bonuses, however may be applied in the future if the board agrees.

The application to the Charity Commission has also started, and the application for the new company bank account is in process.  So a pretty productive week as the company was formed on the 23rd May 2018.

We plan our first even under Frampton Electronics Club on the 9th June where we hope to bring in some more folks, and also introduce Frampton Community Projects to the village.  We should also have a meeting date booked for the presentation of the charity in July.

The next job is get the newsletter set up so folks can register for information on the charity.  That and the website should be a pretty full week.  Oh, and of course we looking for 1 – 2 acres of land to buy!

Shall update again next week.  Thanks for reading.