FEC – WiFi Home Control – 17th November

Frampton Electronics Club (FEC) are excited with the interest for the up coming 3 week project which starts on the 17th November, and continues on the 24th and finally on the 1st December for this year.  We will be back in January with a new project.  If you have any ideas on projects please do contact us by email @ info@framptonelectronics.club.

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FCPTV – Live Parish Council Meeting

FCPTV have been given the opportunity to LIVE stream the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council meeting in November.  This will be streamed live from the Brockeridge Centre late November on Facebook, YouTube, and our website.

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Orchard Harvest, Winterbourne

We went out today to do some filming at the Winterbourne Medieval Barn for their annual Orchard Harvest.  We will be showing some of this on the Frampton Show at the end of this month.

Keep an eye out for when it will be live streamed on Facebook, Twitter, or our website.

FCP-TV Live Streaming Show

We are incredibly pleased to announce the arrival of our new project.  That is a live streaming studio show!

This October will see the start of our monthly show streamed live from the Brockeridge Centre.  The show will consist of news from around the parish, and the surrounding areas. We will have guests from around the village to update us all things Frampton Cotterell.

If you would like to share a story, then why not pop us an email, our editorial team will take a look at it.  You can email them at newsdesk@fcp-tv.co.uk.

Are you interested in doing some presenting, or have an idea on a segment we could do?  If so, contact andrew@fcp-tv.co.uk with details.