What is Drama Twist?

Drama Twist is basically a normal Drama club, which is for all ages, but with a twist.  The twist being, we live stream the drama once rehearsed, much like a soap on television.

This means not only actors, or writers, or musicians can take part, but also those interested in backstage activities such as lighting, camera, producing or directing.  It gives the feeling of a real film studio, but locally placed, and we don’t get paid.  But the experience gained for any budding actor, director, writer, cameraperson, and others, is invaluable.

So how does it actually work?

Again, like any Drama club we meet up once a week. In the first 5 weeks we pick the story, select the cast, and backstage hands, and rehearse. 
Week 6 starts the live streaming, with props, stage, dress all in place. We run for 6 weeks to tell the story.  We stop for a month and start the whole process again.

We are looking to begin our first production in early 2019. If you would like to be kept in the loop, why not join our newsletter, which we send each month with news, events, and dates.