Drone Club May News

We have managed to have three really good drone sessions since the club started.  We have a range of drones from professional filming drones down to Tiny Whoop, and then to 105mph racing drones!

We have also learnt a great deal about the land and how best to use it.  With this we wanted to propose a plan which would benefit everyone.  That said there are a few technicalities would we need to over come.

So, to start, lets explain the basic plan.  We have been offered the opportunity to hire the space on a monthly bases which would unrestricted access between 10am – 8pm every day.  We would have a welfare unit onsite  which will allow a small office space and storage for the gates.  This would allow us to grow the club, and be the best equipped club for quad-copters in the area.  Not just for racing, but catering for all drone times, and pilot types.

All of this sounds great, but a cost comes with it!  So what I would like to do is get some feedback on how this might work.
As I, personally, am a single parent my time is restricted, so to counter act this, I wanted to create a small committee which can operate the club on a majority rules basis.  One member of the committee must be on site whenever a drone is in the air, as this member would be a volunteer for the charity and this would carry our insurance with them.

Currently we are look to offer £3 on the day.

A standard (restricted) membership of £4 per month which includes all standard flight days.  These are around 2 – 4 sessions per month, weather permitting.

The new membership would be a gold membership which would be unrestricted access between 10am – 8pm. This would be a monthly fee of £20 (5 pints a month).  Although we call it unrestricted, it is as long as a person from the committee is on site.

I would like your feedback on this gold membership, how many would be interested in signing up to it?

We would also start charging for anyone looking to spectate on certain days charging £1 on the day.  This is because we have health and safety precautions, and that is at a cost.

Please let me know what you think on this:

Email: andrew@framptoncp.org

Facebook Page: FCP-Drone-Club

Facebook Group: FCP-Drone-Club-Group