We have started a club which will allow Drone enthusiasts, whether for racing, photography, or just fun can fly with others who are experienced.

We have secured a site just of Nibley Lane, Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire.

FCP Drone Club / FPV Drone Racing Site


We have a new facebook page which is great for getting the latest, and most up to date, news on dates and times, as well as any live streams of our outings.

The club has two membership types:

PAYG – It is a standard membership where you pay £3 per session.

Club – is £TBA per month, and you get access to as many sessions we can offer, and the opportunity to come on Experience Days.  Club Membership is offered to those who attend at least four sessions in any eight week period.

Experience Days are where we are invited to some type of event, without charge, to gain experience in safety aspects, and flying experience whether racing, filming, or photography.

Basic Flight Ability Assessment will take place before anyone can fly unsupervised. Any pilot under the age of 18 needs a parent / guardian to be present at registration. If under 13 the parent / guardian would need to remain with the pilot.

If you would like to be kept in the loop, why not sign up to our newsletter which we send out each month with news, events and dates.