FCPR Service Update

We have had a busy week, true story!  But why?

We have used LIVE365 service because it ticked all the boxes, in that it PRS and PPL licences, steady platform, and a mobile app.  However,

We found while using it we had many restrictions which was not ideal when we wanted to give a wide range of opportunities for people to try.

So we took the plunge, thanks to Microsoft who have provided us a server which we installed the necessary Radio Streaming Software.  We have configured the server to meet our needs and have been testing it over the past week.

Listeners will not notice much difference as the links will change behind the buttons they press now.  However, the differences are massive.  Under the new system we can now advertise to help fund the project, we can have multiple presenters working from their own home.  It is also much much cheaper.

But that is not all, we also have the ability to allow listeners to call-in via any landline, or mobile, which will make our shows much more interactive.