FEC – WiFi Home Control – 17th November

Frampton Electronics Club (FEC) are excited with the interest for the up coming 3 week project which starts on the 17th November, and continues on the 24th and finally on the 1st December for this year.  We will be back in January with a new project.  If you have any ideas on projects please do contact us by email @ info@framptonelectronics.club.

WiFi Home Control is a custom system which allows you to control certain things in your home.  We have built two example which shows the potential of what could be achieved.  We have a mains socket, and WiFi controlled roller blind, which will be on display during the project.

But what could you build?  Why not come along and see what you can build in our 3 week project.  It is only £2 per person with the option to purchase all the parts at the end of the project for only £8.  There is no obligation to purchase though.

Lets make something!