As with any successful charity the main ingredient is people.  People spread the word and ask questions. People listen, people care.  Without people it is certain charitable organisations would not succeed.

We have a range of options for those that wish to help us meet our goals.

  • Share our vision with others.
  • Report back peoples views on our objectives.
  • Join us on our various events.
  • Help set up events, and presentations.
  • Donate.

Check our latest Opportunities.

We have signed up with, The UK’s national volunteering database, makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community.

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Our Events.

We will hold events all over the local area which will include some of our projects, but also to talk about our main goal.  This requires people to help move tables,  and chairs, before and after events.  Hand out leaflet information, and questionnaires or even be a speaker.  No matter your age or how much, or little, interest in the project you have, you can still be part of it.


We like to hold events which also include give-aways, prizes as part of our fundraising.  So if you would like to donate something you think could be a prize we would happily give it a rewarding home.  You also have the option to donate money using our KindLink, or direct to our bank account.  The following details are below.

If you would like to donate items which are prize worthy, please contact

Charity Boxes will be at all events.