In order for our projects to run Frampton Community Projects offer a number of small services to the local area at low prices. This is just one of those services!  If you would like to support the charity, and any of our projects, then please do get in touch!  All proceeds from our services go directly into our projects.

From time to time we do local Photography Sessions at the Brockeridge Centre, Frampton Cotterell.  This is a fun event for a family, group, or friends, to enter into a relaxed atmosphere, have a tea or coffee and get some photos taken.  These sessions are free and there is no obligation to purchase any of the photos.

Once the session is completed, we upload the photos to our hosting site, which is private, and we email you a special link to view them.  Any of the photos you would like, you simply pay £3 each, and you can download the full image/s.

Keep an eye out on our website, and Facebook page for dates and times of these events.

Photography Services:

We can also provide photography sessions for Parties, Schools and the Work Places.  If you would like to know more, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

So, what is Convayor Photography?

Convayor Photography is a fun, and swift, approach to having portrait photography without spending valuable time, and money, in staging, which is normally the case.

This allows a fast conveyor belt like system. Once the shoot has been completed, you are free to go, and then just wait for the email, with a link, which allows you to see, and purchase the photos.


Book your session by clicking here!