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Welcome to the Radio Frampton official website!

We are currently trialing our new Internet based Radio Station, run by Frampton Community Projects Charity.

As with all our aims, we look to provide new opportunities to everyone, while benefiting the local community.  With the Radio Frampton project we seek to provide Radio presenting, or producing, writing, or engineering, experiences in an environment which is safe, fun, while allowing you to explore, and experience.

We also seek to find new bands, solos, singers, to share their own creations.

Try it yourself:

Would you like a show which you can present, produce, or write, on Radio Frampton?  If you like the idea of running your own show, whether music or talk based, we would love give you the support, and ability, to give it a try.  Just get in touch with as at info@radioframpton.co.uk.

Sponsor a show:

If you would like to sponsor any of our Radio Frampton shows, then you can. Sponsored shows are where the shows existence is because of your support, and to show this we are happy to publicise the fact.

Radio Frampton shows lasts 2 hours, and these can be split into chat, interviews, live performances, and music.  The sponsor for the show will be named a minimum of 4 times in that two hours.  Each time the sponsor will have 30 seconds to explain what they do, and why they sponsor Radio Frampton, and the show itself.  If you would like to know more, you can email us at info@radioframpton.co.uk, or call Frampton Community Projects on 0843 523 0223*.

Under the current rules we are not permitted to sell advertising, so this is not something we can do.

Current Live shows are:

Tuesday         6pm – 8pm with Andi’s & Holi’s Hits        
Wednesday    6pm – 8pm with Andi’s Your Music           
Saturday       6pm – 8pm with Andi’s & Holi’s Best Of…

During Live shows you can call using:  0843 289 4458*

You can listen to our shows via most browsers, and the LIVE365 app on either Apple, or Android.

Station Link: https://music.radioframpton.co.uk

 For more information, or consider sponsoring Radio Frampton, contact us  at info@radioframpton.co.uk